Our team

Ulrike Guérot

Founder of European Democracy Lab

Ulrike Guérot is the founder of the European Democracy Lab and professor of European Politics and the Study of Democracy in Austria. Her template for a European Republic shifted the paradigm of European integration and paves a way for a common European future. Political equality for all European citizens is at the heart of the idea.

European Democracy Lab

Robert Menasse. Foto: © Rafaela Proell

Robert Menasse


Robert Menasse is a renowned novelist and fervent defender of the European project. His writings deal with Brussels and its institutions, European history and the future of the European political project. He has become an advocate for a European Republic to overcome nationalism on the continent.

Verena Humer

Project Manager "The European Balcony Project"

studied german language, cultural studies and gender studies in Vienna. She has managed a variety of conferences for the Elfriede Jelinek Research Centre and has worked with several of the most important female artists and theatre actors throughout Europe. After working as content and public relations manager, she is eager to spread the idea of a European Republic through artistic interventions.

Laura Sofia Salas

Laura Sofia Salas

Project Assistant „European Balcony Project“

studied public policies, communication and cultural management in Morelia, Konstanz and Friedrichshafen. She previously worked with the free art scenes in Morelia and Berlin on projects around topics like forced disappearance as well as researching and consulting. She is happy to join the team and help trigger discussions about Europe through political-artistic interventions.

Marie Rosenkranz

Research associate & project manager

studied communication, cultural management and European studies in Maastricht, Granada and Friedrichshafen and has worked on various topics at the intersection of culture and politics. She is a research associate and project manager at the European Democracy Lab and supports the balcony project as a volunteer.