Frequently Asked Questions/Toolkit

How and where can I participate in the reading of the manifesto? What do I need to consider?

  • The proclamation of a European Republic takes place at 4 p.m. in the respective local time zone.
  • You do not need an “official” theatre balcony to read the manifesto. A chair in a public square, a slide on a children’s playground or any private balcony leading out onto a street can serve as a stage for the proclamation.
  • Print out he manifesto and distribute it, e.g. as a flyer to passers-by. You can also download and print posters here.
  • Your creativity is wanted! For example, the Hamburg-based Thalia Theater has placed a photo booth where citizens can portray themselves with statements of support for the European Balcony Project. More of that!
  • Promote the European Balcony Project at your location, in your city, with your friends and family, invite local radio broadcasters and newspapers to your event!
  • Take a megaphone and read the manifesto yourself! Alternatively, look for an actor or artist who performs, dances or sings the manifesto. Reading the manifesto takes about 2 minutes. Smaller text adaptions are possible and desired. Choose one of the many languages in which the manifesto is available or mix the languages.
  • Visit our page – find the event near you, join the groups from your country, region or city and invite your friends to participate. If you contact us, you will be marked on the interactive map on our website. Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
  • If possible, organize musicians or a musical recording of your choice to underline the proclamation.
  • Please find a photographer and send us at least 1 photo of your event to – we will publish a catalogue in which all pictures of the local events will be collected, if possible even before the European elections!

What can I do if I want to participate but do not entirely agree with the content of the manifesto?

Everyone is invited to comment, critically question and supplement the manifesto. The manifesto serves only as a catalyst for a broad debate on the subject of European democracy and what it means to be a European citizen. Sentences which you do not share in this way can be changed or deleted – but we ask you to make that visible in program booklets or other material you use for your local event. The manifesto was deliberately written as a text for a theatrical proclamation and a dramaturgical staging and not as a political program! In its language and form, it should remind of the various proclamation of republic 100 years ago, after the end of World War I. We call for Europe, and particularly the concept of European citizens, with content, common right and duties.